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I’m Adrienne. This is me with one of my favorite things in the world, a huge piece of cake. I could have devoured this entire thing by myself. Luckily Glenn, my boyfraaaan, was there to tackle the challenge with me. I would have eaten this cake, loved every minute of it. About 30 seconds after finishing, while licking the plate, I would have started hating myself. Then I probably would have taken this out by yelling at Glenn for letting me order cake.

On January 2nd 2013, I decided that I no longer wanted to be that girl. Super cliche, I know. New Year, New You! But technically I did start on the 2nd… mostly to get another cheat day. At this point in my life, I had hit my highest weight ever and I just felt gross. I used to think that I felt a lot skinnier than I looked. I wasn’t really restricted by my weight and I felt like I could do everything all the skinny people around me could do. But lately I just began really feeling my weight. I just need to change.


So that is why I began changing my life. Starting with my eating habits. I recently read about the wheat belly diet. I decided to try to follow that a little bit. I started cutting out a lot of my carb intake but I’m also really increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables I’m eating. That is the first thing I decided to focus on. So far it’s been okay. Glenn and I threw out everything in our house that was just junk. Next I’m going to start working out more. My gym membership just expired so I need to renew that and I’m going to try to get to the gym for 1 hour, 3 days a week. That is the minimum. I’m trying to be realistic.

So now let’s get to this blog. I’m just assuming no one is going to read this. It is mostly for myself and to hold myself accountable. Also it’s a place where I can really get out my frustration and hopefully take up time and get my mind off of things, like food. It’s pretty slow going right now. For example.. I’ve been writing this post for about 3 days now. But I’m hoping once I get in the swing of things and get used to blogging, then this will be pretty good.

My first weigh in is Wednesday January 9. I don’t think I’ll be posting my weight on here just yet… but we’ll see if I lose some pounds in my first week. I’m being optimistic. We’ll see. Good or bad, I’ll be writing all along the way and throwing my two cents in the diet business.


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